La  Maison Wedding BBQ Menu

All the meat  are loins what we slow cook and smoke on your wedding minimum 6 hours depends on the meat what you picked


Carvery Style Grill Bar

-Pork loin


-Pork Belly

-Beef sirloin

-Beef top rump

Half chicken

Venison Burger



-Couscous, pomegranate, cherry tomato, dried fruit, coriander

-New potato, grilled asparagus, citrus vinaigrette


-Greek salad

-Fusilli Pesto Salad

-Tomato olives basil

-Grilled vegetables



-Sauteed onions

-Sliced Maasdam cheese



-Onion chutney

-Corn on cob


Beef spices: salt,pepper,garlic,juniper,marjoram,sweet paprika

Pork spices: salt,pepper,garlic,ginger,cinnamon,sweet paprika,caraway seed,

We stuffed the chicken with: onion,garlic,rosemary,orange,thyme


Crusty white and brown loaf and butter, sauces, disposable plates-cutlery, napkin included in the price.


Vegetarian option is available on request.